• 08.04.2013 , San Antonio, Texas
    Nelly Villamizar
    Dimension of splines on tetrahedral partitions
    14th International Conference Approximation Theory
  • 06.04.2013 , Linz
    Fürst, Johannes
    Black 76, Bachelier und Short Rate Modelle: Eine vergleichende Analyse
    RICAM Group Seminar - Transfer Group
  • 04.04.2013 , Linz
    Arne Winterhof
    Covering sets
    Min-Workshop on discrete mathematics and applications
  • 04.04.2013 , Linz
    Ziegler, Volker
    On the representation of algebraic numbers as sums of units
    Mini Workshop on Discrete Mathematics
  • 02.04.2013 , Linköping
    Otmar Scherzer
    Sectional Imaging for Photoacoustics
    Inverse Problems and Applications
  • 28.03.2013 , Linz
    Otmar Scherzer
    Welcoming and brief review
    Workshop on the occasion of Prof. Heinz W. Engl's 60th birthday
  • 27.03.2013 , Linz
    Ronny Ramlau
    Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
    Workshop RICAM 10
  • 21.03.2013 , Haus Bergkranz
    Nelly Villamizar
    Stanley-Reisner rings and spline spaces
    PEAKs 2013: Workshop on Perspectives and Emerging Topics in Algebra and Combinatorics
  • 19.03.2013 , Novi Sad
    Ronny Ramlau
    Reconstrucion Methods in Adaptive Optics
    GAMM 2013
  • 19.03.2013 , London
    Otmar Scherzer
    Sectional Imaging for Photoacoustics
    UCL Centre for Inverse Problems: Opening meeting
  • 13.03.2013
    Axel Kröner
    A minimum effort optimal control problem for the wave equation
    Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems
  • 12.03.2013 , Garching
    V. Naumova
    Legendre Polynomials as a recommended basis for numerical differentiation in the presence of square-summable or stochastic white noise
    Workshop "Numerical Methods for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems"
  • 08.03.2013 , Kaiserslautern
    Joerg Willems
    Robust Multilevel Schwarz Methods for Multiscale Problems
    Fraunhofer ITWM Seminar
  • 28.02.2013 , Laimbach am Ostrong
    Christoph Koutschan
    Random Walks in Multidimensional Lattices
  • 28.02.2013 , Laimbach am Ostrong
    Nelly Villamizar
    Dimension of spline spaces on triangulations
  • 19.02.2013 , Helmholtz Zentrum München
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    A Meta-Learning Approach to the Regularized Learning - Case Study: Blood Glucose Prediction
  • 11.02.2013 , Oberwolfach
    Jörg Willems
    Robust Multilevel Schwarz Methods for Multiscale Problems
    Mini-Workshop: Numerical Upscaling for Media with Deterministic and Stochastic Heterogeneity
  • 07.02.2013 , Wien
    Jenny Niebsch
    Imbalance Determination fit for Condition Monitoring
    EWEA 2013
  • 06.02.2013 , Linz
    Stefan Janecek
    Status Report SinterSimulation
    Project Meeting SinterSimulation VAI
  • 30.01.2013 , Nanyang Technological University
    Harald Niederreiter
    Randomness and complexity of sequences over finite fields
  • 21.01.2013 , Wien
    Ronny Ramlau
    Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
    Vortrag am Institut für Astronomie der Universität Wien
  • 17.01.2013 , Concepcion
    Nagaiah Chamakuri
    Boundary control of bidomain equations in cardiac electrophysiology
    Fourth Chilean Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
  • 15.01.2013 , Linz
    Nelly Villamizar
    Algebraic Geometry for triangular spline spaces
    RICAM Group Seminar SC
  • 20.12.2012 , Istanbul
    A. Winterhof
    Polynomial Fermat quotients
    Mathematical Seminar Sabanci University
  • 17.12.2012 , Jyväskylä
    Mykhaylo Yudytskiy
    Fast wavelet-based methods in atmospheric tomography
    Inverse Days 2012
  • 11.12.2012 , RICAM, Linz
    Pereverzyev Sergiy Jr.
    Conjugate Gradient for the dynamic atmospheric tomography problem: effects of the variable loop gain and spot elongation
    ESO-Project Seminar
  • 06.12.2012 , München
    V. Naumova
    Numerical Methods for Diabetes Technology
    Seminar at the Institute for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Helmholtz Zentrum München
  • 05.12.2012 , Garching
    Mykhaylo Yudytskiy
    Fast wavefront reconstruction with wavelet regularization for MCAO
    Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics Workshop
  • 03.12.2012 , Linz
    Fürst, Johannes
    Inverse problems arising in financial model calibration
    RICAM Group Seminar - Transfer Group
  • 29.11.2012 , Basel
    Hamid Ahmadinezhad
    Singular quartic 3-folds and Sarkisov links
    Conference in algebraic geometry - "Birpol3"