• 17.02.2015 , Cambridge
    Konstantinos Kalimeris
    Computation of water-wave profile: An analytical approach
    ACA seminar, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
  • 17.02.2015
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    Finite element methods for optimal transportations problems
    Birs workshop on 'Advances in Numerical Optimal Transportation'
  • 09.02.2015
    Mourad Sini
    Acoustic scattering by a large number of small bodies and applications
    New-York University at AbuDhab
  • 09.02.2015
    Mourad Sini
    Acoustic scattering by a large number of small bodies and applications
    New-York University at AbuDhab
  • 04.02.2015 , Garching bei München
    Roland Wagner
    MICADO: Activities of the Austrian Adaptive Optics Team
    MICADO Consortium Meeting
  • 03.02.2015 , Essen
    Monika Wolfmayr
    Functional a posteriori estimates for cost functionals of optimal control problems
    Oberseminar Numerische Mathematik
  • 28.01.2015 , Glasgow
    Philipp Kügler
    Critical transition analysis of cardiac action potential models
    Seminar Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences
  • 27.01.2015
    T. Wick
    A partition-of-unity-based (PUM) variational localization of the dual-weighted residual (DWR) estimator
    Mathematisches Kolloquium at TU Dortmund
  • 26.01.2015 , Strobl am Wolfgangsee
    Ulrich Langer
    Multipatch Discontinuous Galerkin Isogeometric Analysis
    4th ITN INSIST meeting
  • 23.01.2015 , Linz
    M. Kapl
    Isogeometric Analysis with Geometrically Continuous Functions
    Mini-workshop on IGA
  • 20.01.2015 , Beijing
    O. Roche-Newton
    Incidence Geometry and Erdös Type Problems
    Computer Mathematics Seminar
  • 19.01.2015 , Nankai
    O. Roche-Newton
    Incidence Geometry and Erdös Type Problems
    Combinatorics Seminar
  • 10.01.2015 , Singapore
    T. Wick
    Fluid-Structure Interaction in ALE and Fully Eulerian Coordinates with Application in Hemodynamics
  • 08.01.2015 , Lahore
    Kamran Sadiq
    On the range of the attenuated Radon transform in convex sets
    Seminar Talk
  • 18.12.2014 , Bilbao
    S. Hittmeir
    Travelling waves for a nonlocal KdV-Burgers equation
    Math. Seminar
  • 16.12.2014 , Montevideo
    Christoph Koutschan
    q-shift operators in knot theory
    FoCM 2014
  • 16.12.2014 , Taipei
    Mourad Sini
    Acoustic scattering by a large number of small bodies and applications
  • 15.12.2014 , Montevideo
    Nelly Villamizar
    Algebraic tools for the study of spline spaces
    FoCM 2014 Foundations of Computational Mathematics
  • 15.12.2014 , Linz
    Christoph Winkler
    The flatness of lamellipodia explained by he interaction between actin dynamics and membrane deformation
    Pizza Seminar
  • 12.12.2014 , University College London
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    PDE models for transportation processes in socio-economic applications
  • 12.12.2014 , London
    Ronny Ramlau
    Inverse Problems in Adaptive Optics
    Vortrag im Universtiy College
  • 11.12.2014 , Linz
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    On numerical simulations of nonlinear convection-aggregation equations by evolving diffeomorphisms
    Workshop on 'Optimal Transport in the Applied Sciences'
  • 07.12.2014 , Hong Kong
    Heinz W. Engl
    Industrial Mathematics and Nonlinear Inverse Problems
    International Conference on Inverse Problems and Optimal Control
  • 02.12.2014 , Linz
    Stefan Janecek
    Status Report SinterSimulation
    Project Meeting SinterSimulation VAI
  • 25.11.2014 , Innsbruck
    Galyna Kriukova
    Regularized magnitude-preserving ranking algorithm and some of its applications
    Workshop "Advances in Mathematical Image Reconstruction"
  • 25.11.2014 , Innsbruck
    Pavlo Tkachenko
    Two-parameter regularization of ill-posed shperical pseudo-differential equations in the space of continuous functions
    Workshop "Advances in Mathematical Image Reconstruction"
  • 17.11.2014 , Linz
    Christoph Koutschan
    Creative Telescoping
    Geometric control and related fields
  • 17.11.2014 , Lansing
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    Nonlinear Poisson-Nernst-Planck Equations for Ion Flux Through Confined Geometries
    Colloquium talk at Michigan State University
  • 16.11.2014 , Kuwait city
    Mourad Sini
    Acoustic scattering by many small bodies: Foldy-Lax approximation and applications to acoustic materials
  • 14.11.2014 , Chicago
    Marie-Therese Wolfram
    On a Boltzmann Type Price Formation Model
    SIAM Finance