• 19.07.2018 , Barcelona
    Jose Alberto Iglesias Martinez
    Variational problems arising from the settling of particles in Bingham fluids
    Research program "Geometric function theory in fluid mechanics"
  • 11.07.2018 , Ljubljana
    Kapl, Mario
    Solving the triharmonic equation over planar multi-patch domains using isogeometric analysis,
    Seminar Geometry
  • 09.07.2018
    Stefan Takacs
    Multigrid methods for continuous and discontinuous Galerkin multipatch discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis
    ICOSAHOM 2018
  • 05.07.2018 , Rennes
    Peter Kritzer
    Discrepancy bounds for nets and sequences
    Thirteenth International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing (MCQMC 2018)
  • 04.07.2018
    Aspri Andrea
    A modified Landweber driven by expert knowledge
    First SFB Internal Meeting
  • 03.07.2018
    Felix Scholz
    First order correction terms for trimmed quadrature in isogeometric analysis
    Curves and Surfaces 2018
  • 02.07.2018
    Behzad Azmi
    On the Barzilai-Borwein step-sizes in Hilbert spaces
    23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Programming (ISMP)
  • 29.06.2018 , Erwin Schrödinger International Institute
    Sergei Pereverzyev
    Application of graph Laplacian in semi-supervised Learning
    ESI Wotkshop "Interplay of multiscale data assimilation and data science with advanced PDE discretization"
  • 29.06.2018 , Arcachon
    Kapl, Mario
    Isogeometric analyis with C2-smooth functions on planar multi-patch geometries
    Curves and Surfaces 2018
  • 28.06.2018
    Niels Lubbes
    Webs of rational curves on surfaces
    Curves and Surfaces 2018
  • 19.06.2018
    Jenny Niebsch
    Imbalance Determination for Wind Turbines
    20th European Conference on Mathematics for Industry
  • 19.06.2018 , Loen
    W. Meidl
    Bent and generalized bent functions into the cyclic group Z_{2^k}
    International Workshop on Boolean Functions and their Applications
  • 15.06.2018 , Bergen
    L. Merai
    Algebraic dependence in generating functions and expansion complexity
  • 15.06.2018 , Oxford
    Liebrecht, Michael Parteder, Erik
    PlateMod — Software Tools for Premium-Quality Heavy Plate Production Built with Wolfram Technologies
    European Wolfram Technology Conference
  • 14.06.2018 , Budapest
    Oliver Roche-Newton
    An improved bound for the size of the set A/A+A
    Symposium on Computational Geometry 2018
  • 13.06.2018 , Linz
    A. Winterhof
    Difference sets and unpredictable sequences
    Linz Algebra Research Day
  • 13.06.2018 , JKU Linz
    Christoph Koutschan
    On a determinant related to the singular value decomposition of n-fold integration operators
    LARD (Linz Algebra Research Day)
  • 13.06.2018 , Austin, Texas
    Obereder, Andreas Raffetseder, Stefan
    Dealing with Spiders on ELTs: using a Pyramid WFS to overcome residual piston effects
    spie astronomical Telescopes and Instruments
  • 13.06.2018 , Austin/Texas
    Obereder, Andreas Hutterer, Victoria Shatokhina, Iuliia
    Wavefront reconstruction with pyramid sensors and pupil fragmentation
    Conference SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
  • 12.06.2018 , Creswick , Victoria
    Sergei Pereverzyev
    Linear Functional Strategy in Regularized Learning
    Matrix program "Frontiers of High Dimensional Computations
  • 12.06.2018 , Austin, Texas
    Ramlau, Ronny Obereder, Andreas Hutterer, Victoria Shatokhina, Iuliia Raffetseder, Stefan
    Wavefront reconstruction for ELT-sized telescopes with pyramid wavefront sensors
    spie Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
  • 11.06.2018 , Creswick (VIC)
    Peter Kritzer
    Successive component search algorithms for good lattice points
    MATRIX Workshop "On The Frontiers of High-Dimensional Computation"
  • 10.06.2018 , Austin, Texas
    Wagner, Roland Ramlau, Ronny Saxenhuber, Daniela Obereder, Andreas et al.
    PSF reconstruction for extremely large telescopes
    SPIE Adaptive Optics Systems VI
  • 06.06.2018 , Lancaster
    Grasegger, Georg Legerský, Jan Schicho, Josef
    Flexible labellings of rigid graphs
    Bond-node structures: rigidity, combinatorics and chemistry
  • 05.06.2018 , Lancaster
    Bartzos, Vangelis Grasegger, Georg Legerský, Jan
    Lower bounds on the maximal number of realizations
    Bond-node structures: rigidity, combinatorics and chemistry
  • 05.06.2018 , Bologna
    Hutterer, Victoria Shatokhina, Iuliia Ramlau, Ronny Obereder, Andreas
    Accurate wavefront reconstruction for real-time AO with pyramid wavefront sensors
    SIAM Conference on Imaging Science
  • 04.06.2018 , City University of Hong Kong
    Pereverzyev, Sergei V.
    Linear Functional Strategy in Regularized Learning
    International Conference on Applied Mathematics 2018
  • 24.05.2018 , Marseille
    Ramlau, Ronny Wagner, Roland et al
    PSF reconstruction and blind deconvolution for Extremely Large Telescopes
  • 21.05.2018 , Mellieha
    Sergei V. Pereverzyev
    Application of graph Laplacian in semi-supervised learning
    9th International Conference "Inverse Problems: Modeling&Simulation"
  • 15.05.2018 , Oberwolfach
    Christoph Koutschan
    Symbolic evaluation of determinants and rhombus tilings of holey hexagons
    Enumerative Combinatorics