Youssef Belkhadir


Dr Belkhadir joined the GMI  in July 2014. Previously he was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research Associate in the lab of Dr Joanne Chory at the SALK Institute for Biological Studies in the USA.

Academic Qualifications

  • Diploma (BSc equivalent): University of Paris VI-Jussieu, France, 2001
  • Diploma (MSc equivalent) in Biology: University of Paris-Sud XI,Orsay, France, 2002
  • PhD Molecular Genetics: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, (NC, USA), 2005

Professional Training

  • Chief Scientific Officer at Atlas Genomics, Casablanca, Morocco- 2011-2013
  • Research Associate, SALK Institute for Biological Studies-La Jolla, USA- 2006-2011 Advisor: Prof. Joanne Chory
  • Doctoral researcher, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA- 2002-2005 Advisor: Prof. Jeff Dangl.
  • Research assistant, Plant Genomic Research Unit, INRA, Evry, France-2001-2002 Advisor: Prof. Ian Small
  • Research assistant, Plant Biotechnology Institute CNRS, Orsay, France, 2000-2001 Advisor: Prof. Michelle Bouvier

Awards & Fellowships

  • Life Science Research Foundation-Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2006
  • The Philippe Foundation, 2007
  • French Academy of Science, 2008
  • University of Western Australia Science Fellowship, 2010
  • Moroccan Start-Up Innovation Fund, 2012


Here is a lost of all of Dr. Belkhadir's publications

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