Yasin Dagdas receives the Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award

Dr. Yasin Dagdas has received the 2018 Biochemical Society Early Career Research Award for Cells. Biochemical Society Early Career Research Awards are given biannually in different fields and highlight outstanding work by scientists in the early stages of their career. Professor Colin Bingle, Acting Chair of the Awards Committee, said: “The Biochemical Society Awards are the perfect way to honour exceptional scientists within the bioscience community. As ever, the entry criteria are tough and the standards high and the awards are a real tribute to the talent within our community."

Dr. Dagdas received this award for his work on perturbation of selective autophagy by the Irish potato famine pathogen, which provided crucial insight into selective autophagy in plants and has formed the foundation for his research group at the GMI.  Dr. Dagas said ""I am a very pleased, honoured and humbled to receive this award. I owe this award to my amazing mentors Sophien Kamoun and Nick Talbot and to the colleagues in their labs. I also would like to thank the Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the Halpin Trust for supporting my research at The Sainsbury Laboratory and University of Exeter, respectively." 

2018 Biochemical Society Awards