Priv.-Doz. Dr. Zaoli Zhang

Function: Group Leader
Room: 311
Phone: +43 (0)3842-804-311
E-Mail: zaoli.zhang(at)


Micro- and Nanostructure Characterization


Atomic and electronic structural analysis of defects, thin films and heterostructure interfaces, conventional TEM, Cs-corrected HRTEM, STEM, image calculation, EELS and EDXS


Durchstrahlungselektronenmikroskopie von Festförpern and Advanced transmission electron microscopy for materials research



  • Correlating elemental distribution with mechanical properties of TiN/SiNx nanocomposite coatings
    M. Sperr, Z.L. Zhang, Y.P. Ivanov, P.H. Mayrhofer, M. Bartosik
    Scr. Mater.170, 20-23 (2019)
  • Elastic Properties and Stacking Fault Energies of Borides, Carbides and Nitrides from First-Principles Calculations
    Y. Zhang, Z. Liu, D. Yuan, Q. Shao, J. Chen, C. Wu, Z. Zhang
    Acta Metall. Sin.-Engl. Lett.32, 1099-1110 (2019)
  • Correlating structural and mechanical properties of AlN/TiN superlattice films
    N. Koutna, P. Kehak, Z. Chen, M. Bartosik, M. Fallmann, M. Cerny, Z. Zhang, M. Friak, M. Sob, P.H. Mayrhofer, D. Holec
    Scr. Mater.165, 159-163 (2019)
  • Crystallographic orientation dependent maximum layer thickness of cubic AlN in CrN/AlN multilayers
    Z. Chen, D. Holec, M. Bartosik, P.H. Mayrhofer, Z. Zhang
    Acta Mater.168, 190-202 (2019)
  • Toughness enhancement in TiN/WN superlattice thin films
    J. Buchinger, N. Koutna, Z. Chen, Z. Zhang, P. Mayrhofer, D. Holec, M. Bartosik
    Acta Mater.172, 18-29 (2019)
  • The Route to Supercurrent Transparent Ferromagnetic Barriers in Superconducting Matrix
    Y. Ivanov, S. Soltan, J. Albrecht, E. Goering, G. Schuetz, Z. Zhang, A. Chuvilin
    ACS Nano 201913, 5655-5661 (2019)
  • Oxygen-mediated deformation and grain refinement in Cu-Fe nanocrystalline alloys
    J. Guo, M.J. Duarte, Y. Zhang, A. Bachmaier, C. Gammer, G. Dehm, R. Pippan, Z. Zhang
    Acta Materialia, 281-293 (2019)
  • Polymorphic Transformation and Magnetic Properties of Rapidly Solidified Fe26.7Co26.7Ni26.7Si8.9B11.0 High-Entropy Alloys
    Z. Zhang, K. Song, R. Li, Q. Xue, S. Wu, D. Yan, X. Li, B. Song, B. Sarac, J.T. Kim, P. Ramasamy, L. Wang, J. Eckert
    Materials12, ARTN 590 (2019)
  • Graphene-templated synthesis of palladium nanoplates as novel electrocatalyst for direct methanol fuel cell
    Y. Hujiang, L. Geng, Y. Zhang, G. Chang, Z. Zhang, X. Liu, M. Lei, Y. He
    Applied Surface Science, 385-392 (2019)
  • Direct atomic identification of cation migration induced gradual cubic-to-hexagonal phase transition in Ge2Sb2Te5
    Y. Zheng, Y. Wang, T. Xin, Y. Cheng, R. Huang, P. Liu, M. Luo, Z. Zhang, S. Lv, Z. Song, S. Feng