Dr. Sergey Ketov

Function: Post Doc
Room: 214
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-214
E-Mail: sergey.ketov(at)oeaw.ac.at



  • New beta-type Ti-Fe-Sn-Nb alloys with superior mechanical strength
    G.-H. Zhao, S.V. Ketov, J. Jiang, H. Mao, A. Borgenstam, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin
    Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process.705, 348-351 (2017)
  • Effect of the cooling rate on the mechanical properties of Ti-Ni-Cu-Zr-based crystal/glassy alloys
    J. Jiang, S. Ketov, H. Kato, D.V. Louzguine-luzgin
    Materials Science & Engineering A704, 147-153 (2017)
  • Ti-Fe-Sn-Nb hypoeutectic alloys with superb yield strength and significant strain-hardening
    G.-H. Zhao, S.V. Ketov, H. Mao, A. Borgenstama, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin
    Scripta Materialia135, 59–62 (2017)
  • Investigation of structure and thermal properties in composite materials based on metallic glasses with small addition of polytetrafluoroethylene
    V.Y. Zadorozhnyy, M.V. Gorshenkov, M.N. Churyukanova, M.Y. Zadorozhnyy, A.A. Stepashkin, D.O. Moskovskikh, S.V. Ketov, L.K. Zinnurova, A. Sharma, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, S.D. Kaloshkin
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds707, 264-268 (2017)
  • Nucleation and thermal stability of an icosahedral nanophase during the early crystallization stage in Zr-Co-Cu-Al metallic glasses
    Z. Wang, S.V. Ketov, C.L. Chen, Y. Shen, Y. Ikuhara, A.A. Tsarkov, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, J.H. Perepezko
    Acta Materialia132, 298-306 (2017)
  • On room-temperature quasi-elastic mechanical behaviour of bulk metallic glasses
    D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, V.Y. Zadorozhnyy, S.V. Ketov, Z. Wang, A.A. Tsarkov, A.L. Greer
    Acta Materialia129, 343-351 (2017)
  • Formation of nanostructured metallic glass thin films upon sputtering
    S.V. Ketov, R. Joksimovic, G. Xie, A. Trifonov, K. Kurihara, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin
    Heliyon3, ARTN 00228 (2017)
  • High-resolution transmission electron microscopy investigation of diffusion in metallic glass multilayer films
    S.V. Ketov, Y.P. Ivanov, D. Sopu, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, C. Suryanarayana, A.O. Rodin, T. Schöberl, A.L. Greer, J. Eckert
    Materials Today AdvancesElsevierScience Direct1, 100004 (2016)