Univ. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pippan

Function: Senior Scientist, retired
Freelancer at ESI and Mercator Fellow of DFG
Room: 114
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-114
E-Mail: reinhard.pippan(at)oeaw.ac.at


  • Microstructural thermal stability of CNT-reinforced composites processed by severe plastic deformation
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  • Modified Kitagawa-Takahashi diagram accounting for finite notch depths
    J. Maierhofer, H.-P. Gaenser, R. Pippan
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  • Increasing the strength of nanocrystalline steels by annealing: Is segregation necessary?
    O. Renk, A. Hohenwarter, K. Eder, K.S. Kormout, J.M. Cairney, R. Pippan
    Scr. Mater.95, 27-30 (2015)
  • Hardening by annealing: insights from different alloys
    O. Renk, A. Hohenwarter, B. Schuh, J.H. Li, R. Pippan
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  • Transmission electron microscope investigations on Cu-Ag alloys produced by high-pressure torsion
    K. Kormout, B. Yang, R. Pippan
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  • Deformation behavior of Cu-compoties processed by HPT
    L. Krämer, S. Wurster, R. Pippan
    Materials Science and Engineering, 1-9 (2014)
  • Microstructural evolution in immiscible alloys processed by High-Pressure Torsion
    A. Bachmaier, E. Neubauer, M. Kitzmantel, R. Pippan, C. Motz
    Materials Science and Engineering, 1-8 (2014)
  • 3D Morphology of Fracture Surfaces Created by Mixed-mode II+III Fatigue Loading in Metallic Materials
    T. Vojtek, J. Pokluda, A. Hohenwarter, K. Slamecka, R. Pippan
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  • Direct evidence for grain boundary motion as the dominant restoration mechanism in the steady-state regime of extremely cold-rolled copper
    O. Renk, A. Hohenwarter, S. Wurster, R. Pippan
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  • Evolution of residual stress and damage in coated hard metal milling inserts over the complete tool life
    T. Teppernegg, T. Klünsner, P. Angerer, C. Tritremmel, C. Czettl, J. Keckes, R. Ebner, R. Pippan
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