Univ. Prof. Dr. Otmar Kolednik

Function: Group Leader
Room: 114
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-114
E-Mail: otmar.kolednik(at)oeaw.ac.at


1. Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture

2. Micro- and Nanomechanics and Complex Materials


Deformation, fatigue and fracture of materials and composites, theoretical concepts of non-linear fracture mechanics, numerical modelling of damage initiation and crack growth, materials and component design, quantitative fracture surface analysis, local deformation analysis, finite element modeling, configurational forces concept


Nichtlineare Burchmechanik – Theorie und Anwendung, Werkstoff und Bruchzähigkeit


Deformation- and fracture behavior of advanced materialsJ-integral as driving force parameter for elastic-plastic materialsDevelopment of new fracture resistant materials and components, Design concepts for damage resistant materials, Behavior of cracks in inhomogeneous materials


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    M. Sistaninia, O. Kolednik
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  • Thermal shock resistance of magnesia spinel refractories-Investigation with the concept of configurational forces
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  • The mechanics of tessellations - bioinspired strategies for fracture resistance
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  • Improvement of fatigue life by compliant and soft interlayers
    O. Kolednik, J. Zechner, J. Predan
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  • Overload effect revisited - Investigation by use of configurational forces
    W. Ochensberger, O. Kolednik
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  • Miniaturized fracture experiments to determine the toughness of individual films in a multilayer system
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  • Mechanical property enhancement in laminates through control of morphology and crystal orientation
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  • Design of fracture resistant composites by utilizing spatial material property variations
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  • Physically correct assessment of fatigue crack growth in elastic–plastic materials with the J-integral
    W. Ochensberger, O. Kolednik