Dr. Oliver Renk

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Room: 310
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-310
E-Mail: oliver.renk(at)oeaw.ac.at



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    O. Renk, R. Pippan
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  • Anneal hardening and elevated temperature strain rate sensitivity of nanostructured metals: Their relation to intergranular dislocation accommodation
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  • Transition from thermally assisted to mechanically driven boundary migration and related apparent activation energies
    O. Renk, R. Pippan
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  • Cyclically induced grain growth within shear bands investigated in UFG Ni by cyclic high pressure torsion
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  • From an understanding of structural restoration mechanisms towards a selective processing of extreme nanolamellar structures
    O. Renk, P. Ghosh, R. Pippan
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    A. Hohenwarter, M.W. Kapp, B. Völker, O. Renk, R. Pippan
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  • Recovery phenomena in severely deformed metals
    O. Renk
  • Increasing the strength of nanocrystalline steels by annealing: Is segregation necessary?
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  • Einfluss der Hochverformung auf das Ermüdungsverhalten eines austenitischen Stahls
    O. Renk