Dr. Niraj Chawake

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Room: 214/215
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E-Mail: niraj.chawake(at)oeaw.ac.at


  • Effect of Re on microstructural evolution and densification kinetics during spark plasma sintering of nanocrystalline W
    S. Pramanik, A. Srivastav, B. Jolly, N. Chawake, B.S. Murty
    Adv. Powder Technol.30, 2779-2786 (2019)
  • Microstructural characterization of medium entropy alloy thin films
    N. Chawake, J. Zalesak, C. Gammer, R. Franz, M. Cordill, J. Kim, J. Eckert
    Scripta Materialia177, 22-26 (2019)
  • An investigation on diffusivity while achieving a cylindrical aluminide coating on metals using simultaneous spark plasma sintering of powers
    N. Chawake, P. Ghosh, J. Eckert, R.S. Kottada
    Scripta Materialia170(2019), 156-160 (2019)
  • Estimation of diffusivity from densification data obtained during spark plasma sintering
    N. Chawake, P. Ghosh, L. Raman, A.K. Srivastav, T. Paul, S.P. Harimkar, J. Eckert, R.S. Kottada
    Scr. Mater.161, 36-39 (2019)
  • Co-Cr-Mo-C-B metallic glasses with wide supercooled liquid region obtained by systematic adjustment of the metalloid ratio
    J.T. Kim, S.H. Hong, Y.S. Kim, H.J. Park, T. Maity, N. Chawake, K.G. Prashanth, K.K. Song, W.M. Wang, J. Eckert, K.B. Kim, J.M. Park
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 310-319 (2019)
  • Optimizing mechanical properties of Fe26.7Co26.7Ni26.7Si8.9B11 high entropy alloy by inducing hypoeutectic to quasi-duplex microstructural transition
    Z.Q. Zhang, K.K. Song, S. Guo, Q.S. Xue, H. Xing, C.D. Cao, F.P. Dai, B. Voelker, A. Hohenwarter, T. Maity, N. Chawake, J.T. Kim, L. Wang, I. Kaban, J. Eckert
    Sci Rep9, ARTN 360 (2019)
  • Localized pore evolution assisted densification during spark plasma sintering of nanocrystalline W-5wt.%Mo alloy
    A.K. Srivastav, N. Chawake, D. Yadav, N.S. Karthiselva, B.S. Murty
    Scr. Mater.159, 41-45 (2019)
  • Enhancing the interface bonding in carbon nanotubes reinforced Al matrix composites by the in situ formation of TiAl3 and TiC
    X.Q. Liu, C.J. Li, J.H. Yi, K.G. Prashanth, N. Chawake, J.M. Tao, X. You, Y.C. Liu, J. Eckert
    J. Alloy. Compd.765, 98-105 (2018)
  • A simple and versatile machine for creep testing at low loads (6-300 N) and on miniaturized specimens: Application to a Mg-base alloy
    N.T.B.N. Koundinya, N.E. Kumar, N. Chawake, R. Korla, R.S. Kottada
    Rev. Sci. Instrum.89, ARTN 105102 (2018)
  • Cooperative deformation behavior between the shear band and boundary sliding of an Al-based nanostructure-dendrite composite
    J.T. Kim, S.H. Hong, Y.S. Kim, H.J. Park, T. Maity, N. Chawake, X.L. Bian, B. Sarac, J.M. Park, K.G. Prashanth, J.Y. Park, J. Eckert, K.B. Kim
    Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process.735, 81-88 (2018)
  • Martensitic Transformation and Plastic Deformation of TiCuNiZr-Based Bulk Metallic Glass Composites
    H. Sun, K. Song, X. Han, H. Xing, X. Li, S. Wang, J.T. Kim, N. Chawake, T. Maity, L. Wang, J. Eckert
    Metals8, ARTN 196 (2018)
  • Verification of correlation between densification during spark plasma sintering and compressive creep of ultrafine-grained in-situ Al2O3-reinforced B2 aluminide matrix composites
    N. Chawake, N.T.B.N. Koundinya, R.S. Kottada
    J. Alloy. Compd.735, 1921-1930 (2018)
  • Fabrication of Al-Zn solid solution via friction stir processing
    D. Yadav, R. Bauri, N. Chawake
    Mater. Charact.136, 221-228 (2018)
  • Anisotropy in local microstructure - Does it affect the tensile properties of the SLM samples?
    T. Maity, N. Chawake, J.T. Kim, J. Eckert, K.G. Prashanth
    Manufacturing Letters15PA, 33-37 (2018)
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