Dr. Masoud Sistaninia

Function: Post Doc
Room: MCL
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-45922
E-Mail: masoud.sistaninia(at)oeaw.ac.at



  • Development of Damage - Tolerant and Fracture-Resistant Materials by Utilizing the Material Inhomogeneity Effect
    O. Kolednik, R. Kasberger, M. Sistaninia, J. Predan, M. Kegl
    ASMEJournal of Applied Mechanics86, 111004-1-111004-12 (2019)
  • To the design of highly fracture-resistant composites by the application of the yield stress inhomogeneity effect
    M. Sistaninia, R. Kasberger, O. Kolednik
    Composite Structures185, 113-122 (2018)
  • Application of the Configurational Forces Concept for the Design of Tough, Strong and Damage-tolerant Composites
    M. Sistaninia
  • Improving strength and toughness of materials by utilizing spatial variations of the yield stress
    M. Sistaninia, O. Kolednik
    Acta Mater.122, 207-219 (2017)
  • Thermal shock resistance of magnesia spinel refractories-Investigation with the concept of configurational forces
    D. Gruber, M. Sistaninia, C. Fasching, O. Kolednik
    J. Eur. Ceram. Soc.36, 4301-4308 (2016)
  • Design of fracture resistant composites by utilizing spatial material property variations
    M. Sistaninia, O. Kolednik
  • Effect of a single soft interlayer on the crack driving force
    M. Sistaninia, O. Kolednik
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 21-41 (2014)
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