Dipl.-Ing. Markus Alfreider

Function: Doctoral candidate
Room: 009
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-409
E-Mail: markus.alfreider(at)unileoben.ac.at


Deformation Mechanisms of Nano-Porous Hexagonal Metals


  • Probing defect relaxation in ultra-fine grained Ta using micromechanical spectroscopy
    M. Alfreider, I. Issa, O. Renk, D. Kiener
    Acta Materialia185, 309-319 (2019)
  • Rate limiting deformation mechanisms of bcc metals in confined volumes
    D. Kiener, R. Fritz, M. Alfreider, A. Leitner, R. Pippan, V. Maier-Kiener
    Acta Mater.166, 687-701 (2019)
  • Bioinspired nacre-like alumina with a bulk-metallic glass-forming alloy as a compliant phase
    A. Wat, J. In Lee, C.W. Ryu, B. Gludovatz, J. Kim, A.P. Tomsia, T. Ishikawa, J. Schmitz, A. Meyer, M. Alfreider, D. Kiener, E.S. Park, R.O. Ritchie
    nature communications10, 961 (2019)
  • In-situ TEM observation of {101¯2} twin-dominated deformation of Mg pillars: Twinning mechanism, size effects and rate dependency
    J. Jeong, M. Alfreider, R. Konetschnig, D. Kiener, S. Oh
    Acta Materialia, 407-421 (2018)
  • In-situ elastic-plastic fracture mechanics on the microscale by means of continuous dynamical testing
    M. Alfreider, D. Kozic, O. Kolednik, D. Kiener
    Mater. Des.148, 177-187 (2018)
  • The influence of deformation and proton-irradiation on the mechanical behavior in naonocrystalline stainless steels
    M. Alfreider
  • The influence of microstructure on the cyclic deformation and damage of copper and an oxide dispersion strengthened steel studied via in-situ micro-beam bending
    C. Howard, R. Fritz, M. Alfreider, D. Kiener, P. Hosemann
    Materials Science and Engineering A687, 313-322 (2017)
  • Synthesis and Mechanical Characterisation of an Ultra-Fine Grained Ti-Mg Composite
    M. Alfreider, J. Jeong, R. Esterl, S. Ho Oh, D. Kiener
    Materials9, 688 (2016)
  • On the Anisotropy of Deformation in hexagonal Structures: A Microcompression Investigation of Single-Crystalline Magnesium
    M. Alfreider
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