Julius Keckes

Function: Student Assistant
Room: 306
Phone: +43(0)3842-804-306
E-Mail: julius.keckes(at)oeaw.ac.at



  • Biomimetic hard and tough nanoceramic Ti-Al-N film with self-assembled six-level hierarchy
    M. Meindlhumer, J. Zalesak, R. Pitonak, J. Todt, B. Sartory, M. Burghummer, A. Stark, N. Schell, D. Rostislav, J.F. Keckes, M. Lessiak, A. Köpf, R. Weißenbacher, J. Keckes
    Nanoscale2019,11, 7986-7995 (2019)
  • Evolution of structure and residual stress of a fcc/hex-A1CrN multi-layered system upon thermal loading revealed by cross-sectional Xray nano-diffraction
    N. Jaeger, S. Klima, H. Hruby, J. Julin, M. Burghammer, J.F. Keckes, C. Mitterer, R. Daniel
    Acta Mater.162, 55-66 (2019)
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