Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Eckert

Function: Director / Chair of Materials Physics of the University of Leoben
Room: 109
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-109




Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in der Materialphysik, Materialphysik II, Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Materialphysik




  • Thermal stress analysis and structural optimization of ladle nozzle based on finite element simulation
    Z. Rong, J. Yi, F. Li, Y. Liu, J. Eckert
  • The importance of lamellar architecture to obtain ductility in heavily cold-worked pearlitic steels revealed by microbending experiments
    M.W. Kapp, O. Renk, J. Eckert, R. Pippan
    Acta Materialia232, ARTN 117935 (2022)
  • Relaxation and Strain-Hardening Relationships in Highly Rejuvenated Metallic Glasses
    X. Yuan, D. Sopu, K. Song, J. Eckert
    MATERIALS15, ARTN 1702 (2022)
  • Reactive interdiffusion of an Al film and a CoCrFeNi high-entropy alloy
    Z. Zhang, S. Ketov, S. Fellner, H. Sheng, C. Mitterer, K. Song, C. Gammer, J. Eckert
    Materials & Design216, ARTN 110530 (2022)
  • Molecular dynamics study of fracture and plastic deformation of Cu/Cu64Zr36 crystalline/amorphous composites with a pre-existing void
    W. Wu, Z. Peng, D. Sopu, J. Eckert
    Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids586, ARTN 121556 (2022)
  • Interaction of metallic magnesium with ammonia: Mechanochemical synthesis of Mg(NH2)2 for hydrogen storage
    M. Hu, X. Sun, B. Li, P. Li, M. Xiong, J. Tan, Z. Ye, J. Eckert, C. Liang, H. Pan
    Journ. of Alloys and Compounds907, ARTN 164397 (2022)
  • Multilayer crystal-amorphous Pd-based nanosheets on Si/SiO2 with interface-controlled ion transport for efficient hydrogen storage
    B. Sarac, Y. Ivanov, T. Karazehir, M. Muehlbacher, A. Sarac, A. Greer, J. Eckert
    Int. J. Hydrog. Energy47, 6777-6788 (2022)
  • Effect of supporting electrolyte on capacitance and morphology of electrodeposited poly(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene) derivatives bearing reactive functional groups
    B. Sarac, T. Karazehir, H.-D. Gilsing, J. Eckert, A.S. Sarac
    Mol. Syst. Des. Eng.460, 460-479 (2022)
  • Structure-dynamics relationships in cryogenically deformed bulk metallic glass
    F. Spieckermann, D. Şopu, V. Soprunyuk, M.B. Kerber, J. Bednarčík, A. Schökel, A. Rezvan, S. Ketov, B. Sarac, E. Schafler, J. Eckert
    Nature Communications13, 1-9 (2022)
  • Mechanical behavior and deformation mechanism of shape memory bulk metallic glass composites synthesized by powder metallurgy
    T. He, T. Lu, D. Sopu, X. Han, H. Lu, K. Nielsch, J. Eckert, N. Ciftci, V. Uhlenwinkel, K. Kosiba, S. Scudino
    Journ.of Materials Science & Techn.114, 42-54 (2022)