Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Eckert

Function: Director / Chair of Materials Physics of the University of Leoben
Room: 109
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-109




Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in der Materialphysik, Materialphysik II, Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Materialphysik




  • Effect of high pressure solidification on tensile properties and strengthening mechanisms of Al-20Si
    P. Ma, Z.J. Wei, Y.D. Jia, C.M. Zou, S. Scudino, K.G. Prashanth, Z.S. Yu, S.L. Yang, C.G. Li, J. Eckert
    J. Alloy. Compd.688, 88-93 (2016)
  • Compression behavior of inter-particle regions in high-strength Al84Ni7Gd6Co3 alloy
    Z. Wang, R.T. Qu, K.G. Prashanth, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
    Mater. Lett.185, 25-28 (2016)
  • Substitution effect on glass formation of NixCo60-xNb40 alloys
    S. Ye, S. Zhang, J. Eckert, P. Yu
    Mater. Lett.185, 541-544 (2016)
  • Effect of Alloying Elements in Melt Spun Mg-alloys for Hydrogen Storage
    S. Rozenberg, F. Saporiti, J. Lang, F. Audebert, P. Botta, M. Stoica, J. Huot, J. Eckert
    Mater. Res.-Ibero-am. J. Mater.19, 20-26 (2016)
  • Tensile Properties of Al-12Si Fabricated via Selective Laser Melting (SLM) at Different Temperatures
    K.G. Prashanth, S. Scudino, J. Eckert
    Technologies38, 1-9 (2016)
  • High-resolution transmission electron microscopy investigation of diffusion in metallic glass multilayer films
    S.V. Ketov, Y.P. Ivanov, D. Sopu, D.V. Louzguine-Luzgin, C. Suryanarayana, A.O. Rodin, T. Schöberl, A.L. Greer, J. Eckert
    Materials Today AdvancesElsevierScience Direct1, 100004 (2016)
  • Effect of Particle Size on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Based Composite Reinforced with 10 Vol.% Mechanically Alloyed Mg-7.4%Al Particles
    A.K. Chaubey, K.G. Prashanth, Z. Wang, s. Scudino, N.K. Mukhopadhyay, J. Eckert
    Technologies4, 1-8 (2016)
  • Microstructure and thermal conductivity of hypereutectic Al-high Si produced by casting and spray deposition
    Y. Jia, F. Cao, P. Ma, S. Scudino, J. Eckert, J. Sun, G. Wang
    J. Mater. Res.31, 2948-2955 (2016)
  • High pressure die casting of Fe-based metallic glass
    P. Ramasamy, A. Szabo, S. Borzel, J. Eckert, M. Stoica, A. Bardos
    Sci Rep6, ARTN 35258 (2016)
  • Compositional depth profiling of diamond-like carbon layers by glow discharge optical emission spectroscopy
    C. Schubert, V. Hoffmann, A. Kuemmel, J. Sinn, M. Haertel, A. Reuther, M. Thomalla, T. Gemming, J. Eckert, C. Leyens
    J. Anal. At. Spectrom.31, 2207-2212 (2016)