Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Eckert

Function: Director / Chair of Materials Physics of the University of Leoben
Room: 109
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-109




Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in der Materialphysik, Materialphysik II, Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Materialphysik




  • Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Cu alloys fabricated by selective laser melting of powder mixtures
    P. Wang, K.G. Prashanth, S. Pauly, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds735, 2263-2266 (2017)
  • Micropatterning kinetics of different glass-forming systems investigated by thermoplastic net-shaping
    B. Sarac, S. Bera, F. Spieckermann, S. Balakin, M. Stoica, M. Calin, J. Eckert
    Scr. Mater.137, 127-131 (2017)
  • Hardening of shear band in metallic glass
    J.G. Wang, Y.C. Hu, P.F. Guan, K.K. Song, L. Wang, G. Wang, Y. Pan, B. Sarac, J. Eckert
    Sci Rep7, ARTN 7076 (2017)
  • Reciprocating sliding wear behavior of high-strength nanocrystalline Al84Ni7Gd6Co3 alloys
    Z. Wang, K. Georgarakis, W.W. Zhang, K.G. Prashanth, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
    Wear382, 78-84 (2017)
  • Microstructure and abrasive wear behavior of a novel FeCrMoVC laser cladding alloy for high-performance tool steels
    J. Zeisig, N. Schaedlich, L. Giebeler, J. Sander, J. Eckert, U. Kuehn, J. Hufenbach
    Wear382, 107-112 (2017)
  • Effect of Co additions on the phase formation, thermal stability, and mechanical properties of rapidly solidified Ti-Cu-based alloys
    P. Gargarella, S. Pauly, C.S. Kiminami, J. Eckert
    J. Mater. Res.32, 2578-2584 (2017)
  • Stability of shear banding process in bulk metallic glasses and composites
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  • Phase Identification and Size Evaluation of Mechanically Alloyed Cu-Mg-Ni Powders
    C. Kursun, M. Gogebakan, M.S. Khoshkhoo, J. Eckert
    In: Nanostructured Materials - Fabrication to Applications, Intech (2017, Ch.3)
  • Cryogenic-temperature-induced structural transformation of a metallic glass
    X. Bian, G. Wang, Q. Wang, B. Sun, I. Hussain, Q. Zhai, N. Mattern, J. Bednarcik, J. Eckert
  • β-type Ti-based bulk metallic glass composites with tailored structural metastability
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