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  • Effect of nanoparticles on morphology and size of primary silicon property of selective laser melted Al-high Si content alloys
    L. Xi, S. Guo, K. Ding, K. Prashanth, B. Sarac, J. Eckert
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  • Origin of Electrocatalytic Activity in Amorphous Nickel-Metalloid Electrodeposits
    B. Sarac, T. Karazehir, M. Micusik, C. Halkali, D. Gutnik, M. Omastova, A.S. Sarac, J. Eckert
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces13, 23689-23701 (2021)
  • Electrospun polyacrylonitrile/2-(acryloyloxy)ethyl ferrocenecarboxylate polymer blend nanofibers
    S. Gumrukcu, V. Soprunyuk, B. Sarac, E. Yuece, J. Eckert, A.S. Sarac
    Mol. Syst. Des. Eng.1, 1 (2021)
  • Effects of Ni and Co alloying on thermal, magnetic and structural properties of Fe-(Ni,Co)-P-C metallic glass ribbons
    E. Yüce, B. Sarac, S. Ketov, M. Reissner, J. Eckert
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds872, ARTN 159620 (2021)
  • Interfacial structure and wear properties of selective laser melted Ti/(TiC+TiN) composites with high content of reinforcements
    L. Xi, K. Ding, D. Gu, S. Guo, M. Cao, J. Zhuang, K. Lin, I. Okulov, B. Sarac, J. Eckert, K. Prashanth
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  • Functionalized highly electron-rich redox-active electropolymerized 3,4-propylenedioxythiophenes as precursors and targets for bioelectronics and supercapacitors
    T. Karazehir, B. Sarac, H. Gilsing, S. Gumrukcu, J. Eckert, A. Sarac
    Mol. Syst. Des. Eng.6, 214-233 (2021)
  • X-ray Diffraction Computed Nanotomography Applied to Solve the Structure of Hierarchically Phase-Separated Metallic Glass
    M. Stoica, B. Sarac, F. Spieckermann, J. Wright, C. Gammer, J. Han, P. Gostin, J. Eckert, J. Loeffler
    ACS Nano15, 2386-2398 (2021)
  • Nanoporous Pd-Cu-Si Amorphous Thin Films for Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage and Sensing
    B. Sarac, T. Karazehir, E. Yüce, M. Mühlbacher, A. Sarac, J. Eckert
    ACS Applied Energy Materials4, 2672-2680 (2021)
  • Influence of combinatorial annealing and plastic deformation treatments on the intrinsic properties of Cu46Zr46Al8 bulk metallic glass
    A. Rezvan, B. Sarac, V. Soprunyuk, J.T. Kim, K.K. Song, C.J. Li, W. Schranz, J. Eckert
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  • Effect of high pressure torsion on crystallization and magnetic properties of Fe73.9Cu1Nb3Si15.5B6.6
    M. Antoni, F. Spieckermann, V. Soprunyuk, N. Chawake, B. Sarac, J. Zalesak, C. Polak, C. Gammer, R. Pippan, M. Zehetbauer, J. Eckert
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials525, ARTN: 167679 (2020)
  • Effective electrocatalytic methanol oxidation of Pd-based metallic glass nanofilms
    B. Sarac, T. Karazehir, Y. Ivanov, B. Putz, A. Greer, A. Sarac, J. Eckert
    Nanoscale12, 22586-22595 (2020)
  • Deformation-Mode-Sensitive Behavior of CuZr-Based Bulk Metallic Glasses Under Dynamic Loading
    A. Rezvan, B. Sarac, V. Soprunyuk, Spieckermann F., C. Gammer, H. Sheng, N. Sifferlinger, J. Eckert
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  • Thermomechanical and structural characterization of polybutadiene/poly(ethylene oxide)/CNT stretchable electrospun fibrous membranes
    R. Gürbüz, B. Sarac, V. Soprunyuk, E. Yüce, J. Eckert, A. Ozcan, A. Sarac
    polymers advanced technologies2021, 248-261 (2020)
  • Surface-governed electrochemical hydrogenation in FeNi-based metallic glass
    B. Sarac, V. Zadorozhnyy, Y. Ivanov, A. Kvaratskheliya, S. Ketov, T. Karazehir, S. Gumrukcu, E. Berdonosova, M. Zadorozhnyy, M. Micusik, M. Omastova, A. Sarac, A. Lindsay Greer, J. Eckert
    Journal of Power Sources475, ARTN 228700 (2020)
  • Thermomechanical and structural characterization of polybutadiene/poly(ethylene oxide)/CNT stretchable electrospun fibrousmembranes
    R. Gurbuz, B. Sarac, V. Soprunyuk, E. Yuece, J. Eckert, A. Ozcan, A.S. Sarac
    Polym. Adv. Technol.2020, 248-261 (2020)
  • Mg-Based Metallic Glass-Polymer Composites: Investigation of Structure, Thermal Properties, and Biocompatibility
    A. Sharma, A. Kopylov, M. Zadorozhnyy, A. Stepashkin, V. Kudelkina, J. Wang, S. Ketov, M. Churyukanova, D. Louzguine-Luzgin, B. Sarac, J. Eckert, S. Kaloshkin, V. Zadorozhnyy, H. Kato
    metals2020, ARTN 867 (2020)
  • Metallic Glass Films with Nanostructured Periodic Density Fluctuations Supported on Si/SiO(2)as an Efficient Hydrogen Sorber
    B. Sarac, Y. Ivanov, T. Karazehir, B. Putz, A.L. Greer, A. Sarac, J. Eckert
    Chem.-Eur. J.26, 8244-8253 (2020)
  • Hydrogen storage performance of the mulitprincipal-component CoFeMnTiVZr alloy in electrochemical and gas-solid reactions
    B. Sarac, V. Zadorozhnyy, E. Berdonosova, Y. Ivanov, S. Klyamkin, S. Gumrukcu, A. Sarac, A. Korol, D. Semenov, M. Zadorozhnyy, A. Sharma, A. Greer, J. Eckert
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  • Oligoether Ester-Functionalized ProDOT Copolymers on Si/Monolayer Graphene as Capacitive Thin Film Electrodes
    T. Karazehir, B. Sarac, H. Gilsing, J. Eckert, S. Sarac
    J. Electrochem. Soc.167, ARTN 070543 (2020)
  • Stability, elasticity and electronic structures of Co-Zr binary intermetallic compounds
    K. Li, W. Lu, C. Li, D. Sopu, B. Sarac, J.H. Yi, J. Tan, P. Gao, J. Eckert
    Philos. Mag.2020, ISSN 1478-6435 (2020)