Media, Politics & Democracy

The research group “Media, Politics & Democracy” is concerned with the relationships between media, politics and the public sphere in a democratic system which is depending heavily on the media for legitimizing power through control and criticism, providing a forum for the competition of ideas and interests, and enabling social inclusion, civic participation and responsible action of the citizens.

In pursuing this goal, research projects aim at examining

  • how the media system is structured, and whether and how the various media operate in the public interest,
  • how traditional and social media shape election campaigns and civic participation as both central to democratic life,
  • and how they act with regard to major challenges today’s society is confronted with (such as reducing social exclusion, fostering media competence, and engaging with science).

Special emphasis is put on comparative analyses, particularly across time and countries, the development of theoretical models and innovative methodological approaches, as well as on the application of multivariate procedures in order to meet the analytic challenges of complex and accelerated communication processes.