Simple Access to Cultural Heritage Assets (SACHA) is a IIIF-compliant web service offering access to the large holdings of culturally relevant data, such as the digitised historical book collection of the Austrian National Library, for scientific use.

It was developed in the context of a cooperation project between the ACDH-CH and the Austrian National Library.

Technically, it implements a service that exposes the facsimile of the huge collection of historical books digitized in the project Austrian Books Online (ABO) through an interface conforming to the IIIF protocol.

This approach allows e.g. to include the facsimile in digital editions in an harmonized manner, and in general reuse existing software, especially any of the existing open source IIIF-viewers, e.g. Mirador Viewer or Universal viewer.


Can Ozgur Yilmaz
SACHA feedback contact 

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