GraphViewer is a web application for the visualization and interactive exploration of graph data.

It is implemented on top of the wonderful js-library d3 and was developed as a generalized version of the original SMC Browser that was in turn created for the visualization of CLARIN metadata. It was adapted by the ACDH-CH to handle diverse other kinds of datasets.

The interface features index access and a navigation bar that allows adjustments to the visualization. A special feature is the option to select and focus on specific nodes and their neighbourhood which allows for the easier exploration of big graphs with over a thousand nodes. The app also provides a feature for displaying details and additional information about selected nodes in an infobox in the sidebar.

Currently, it is fitted with a number of sample datasets that help to exemplify its functions. One of these datasets, for example, visualizes patterns of influence between philosophers, based on the structured information available in dbpedia.

The app is customizable and the code is available via GitHub.


25.02.2015, DHd Tagung 2015