The Digital Editions Catalogue App 

The Digital Editions Catalogue App (Dig-Ed-Cat) is an ACDH-CH-hosted web application that allows users to browse, arrange and analyse a collection of metadata on digital editions.

The Digital Editions Catalogue App was created by Peter Andorfer and Ksenia Zaytseva in order to present data from the Catalogue of Digital Edition project in an interactive and user-friendly format, allowing users to browse, search, filter and arrange the projects according to their research interests.

Initiated by Greta Franzini in 2012, the Dig-Ed-Cat project is dedicated to surveying and identifying best practice in the field of digital scholarly editing and providing a granular analysis of the rationale and methodology behind particular editions. The catalogue also provides information on standards and tools used for building digital editions, offering insights into working practices of past and present.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, do not hesitate to get in touch with the developers or visit the application’s GitHub Repository.

In 2017, the Catalogue of Digital Editions won third place in the DH Awards 2016: Best DH Data Visualization.