The dariahTeach platform is an Open Source, multilingual, community-driven platform for high quality teaching and training materials for the digital arts and humanities which was launched in March 2017. The dariahTeach platform is based on Open Source Software (the underlying software is Moodle) and the teaching materials are available as open educational resources. The platform contains several teaching materials with subjects ranging from more general ones like “Introduction to the Digital Humanities” to more specific topics like “Text Encoding and the TEI” and “Digital Scholarly Edition”. These materials have been created and are freely available to the public and for re-use at educational institutions. In terms of student effort, the teaching materials are divided into two categories: firstly, courses which count for an equivalent of 5 or 10 ECTS and, secondly, workshops with no formal ECTS value, which can range from several hours up to 2 days.

The dariahTeach platform started as an Erasmus+ project supported by a European Union Strategic Partnership Grant. After the end of the funding period, the dariahTeach platform was transformed into a DARIAH Working Group in order to maintain the platform hosted at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and to guarantee long-term sustainability. Furthermore, other funded projects (e.g. the European project IGNITE or the Visegrad Fund project “Training Digital Scholars: Knowledge Exchange between V4 and Austria”) will create more teaching materials for specific DH topics.

Lecturers and researchers are encouraged to contribute to the dariahTeach platform by creating their own modules, peer-reviewing material provided by their colleagues or translating existing material.


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