Sabine Sommer-Lolei

(+43 1) 51581 – 2204


… studied Spanish, Portuguese, and Linguistics at the University of Vienna and is writing her dissertation on early acquisition of German word-formation. She became a certified dyslexia and dyscalculia trainer in 2015 and worked as a predoc researcher in the INPUT-project at the linguistics department at the University of Vienna, where she investigated the acquisition of morphological patterns in German-speaking children from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Since October 2017 she is a recipient of a DOC-team fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the project Exploring individual differences in language learning abilities. From linguistic morphology to brain morphology. As a predoc project collaborator at the ACDH’s department of ‘Variation und Wandel des Deutschen in Österreich’ (‘Variation and Change of German in Austria’) she investigates emergence, acquisition and development of word-formation patterns in early first language acquisition of German in comparison to language behaviour in adults. In addition, she continues working on the development and processing of (mor)phonotactic clusters in compounding and derivation in the project ‘Menschliches Verhalten und Maschinen-Simulation in Verarbeitung von (Mor)Phonotaktik’ (‘Human Behaviour and Machine Simulation in the Processing of (Mor)Phonotactics’).

Her main research interest focuses on first language development, in particular on the acquisition of morphology and word-formation (compounding and derivation).

Publications (Before ACDH)

  • Korecky-Kröll, Katharina, Christine Czinglar, Kumru Uzunkaya-Sharma, Sabine Sommer-Lolei & Wolfgang U. Dressler: Das INPUT-Projekt: Wortschatz- und Grammatikerwerb von ein- und zweisprachigen Wiener Kindergartenkindern. LogoTHEMA, 13. Jahrgang, Ausgabe 1/2016: 16-22.