Dr. phil., Mag. theol.

Elisabeth Edith Maier

(+43 1) 51581 – 3721


... was born in Vienna in 1947. Studies in Musicology and Theater (Vienna University, Dr. phil. 1973), Piano (Vienna Conservatory, Teaching qualification 1969, Concert Diploma 1971) and Catholic Theology (Vienna University, Mag. theol. 2006). Scientific collaborator at the Music Collection of the Austrian National Library (Musiksammlung der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek) 1971-1980, Teacher for Piano at a Music School in Vienna (1971-1995), collaborator at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Kommission für Musikforschung,  1981-2005), now free co-worker.

She works mainly in researches on Anton Bruckner; manageress (Geschäftsführerin)  of the "Anton Bruckner Institut Linz" from 1987 up to 2005. General Secretary (1993-2014) of the Vienna Catholic Academy (Wiener Katholische Akademie), 2015-2017 President. Vice-President of the Edith Stein Gesellschaft Österreich.

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