Mag. Dr.

Edeltraud Aspöck


... is leading ÖAW activities in the EU H2020 archaeology infrastructure project ARIADNEplus and also represents Austria in the COST Action SEADDA (CA 15201, Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Ages), where she is also the coordinator of short term scientific missions.

Her research expertise lies in digital archaeology, archaeology of the early medieval period and mortuary archaeology.

Edeltraud graduated from the University of Vienna (2002, Pre- and Protohistory, Classics, Mag. Phil.) and received a PhD at the University of Reading, UK (2009, archaeology, thesis title: ‘The relativity of normality: an archaeological and anthropological study of deviant burial and different treatment at death’). From 2013–2016, she held a Hertha Firnberg post-doc grant for the project Mikrotaphonomy and interpretation of reopened graves and led ÖAW activities in the EU project ARIADNE. In 2014, she founded the OREA ÖAW research group Digital Archaeology and was the research group leader until 2018. She was PI of the go!digital project Digitizing Early Farming Cultures (2014-2017) and since 2015, she has been the scientific coordinator of ‘A Puzzle in 4D: digital preservation and reconstruction of an Egyptian palace’.


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Publications (Before ACDH)



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Conference proceedings and book chapters

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