Mag.phil. MSc. PhD.

Barbara Soukup

(+43 1) 5158 1 – 2238


… is an FWF Elise-Richter Research Fellow in the ACDH's research department 'Variation and Change of German in Austria'. She holds a Mag.phil. in English and French studies from the University of Vienna (2000), as well as an MSc and PhD in linguistics from Georgetown University in Washington, DC (2005, 2008).

Her research uses theory and methodology from all across sociolinguistics and beyond, notably from variation study, interactional sociolinguistics, social psychology of language/language attitude study, linguistic landscape study, cognitive sociolinguistics, perceptual dialectology, and corpus linguistics. Her dissertation investigated Bavarian-Austrian dialect as a communicative tool for meaning-making on TV (Braumüller, 2009). She currently explores the patterns of occurrence and interactional functions of "English in the Linguistic Landscape of Vienna, Austria" as principal investigator in a large-scale language contact project of the same name (FWF Project #V394-G23). The project's centerpiece is a corpus of over 12,000 digital photographs of public signage, to be stored, processed, and analyzed using state-of-the-art ACDH tools and methodology.

Publications (Before ACDH)

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