The Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties (VICAV) is an umbrella that brings together several activities. Currently, the cluster is made up of three projects: 

  2. SHAWI

The three projects build on work that was originally accomplished in the TUNICO (LINGUISTIC DYNAMICS IN THE GREATER TUNIS AREA; project in the years 2013-16 and on infrastructure created as part of the VICAV publishing platform. They have all been conducted in close cooperation with the Institute for Near Eastern Studies of the University of Vienna, the main European research institution for Arabic dialectology. The ACDH-CH serves as national research partner and acts as technical partner in these projects, using them as test-bed for its infrastructure building activities. Main points of interest are modelling of various types of linguistic data with a focus on lexical data. VICAV has been built entirely on TEI and cognate technologies (XSLT, xPath, xQuery; BaseX).

The VICAV website is the main point through which VICAV and related projects make available various data sources. One of the basic conceptual principles underlying this website is that all data can be accessed both via an interface which puts them on a geographical map and via traditional text-based queries. The bibliography has been furnished with geo-data and covers the majority of the research literature relevant to the field.