European Lexicographic Infrastructure

The ACDH-CH is a cooperation partner in ELEXIS (European Lexicographic Infrastructure), a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework and launched in February 2018. The project is coordinated by Simon Krek (“Jožef Stefan” Institute, Slovenia) and carried out by 17 partners, including scientific institutions, language institutes, standardization bodies, publishing houses and language technology companies.

ELEXIS aims to develop an infrastructure which will foster cooperation and knowledge exchange between different research communities in lexicography in order to bridge the gap between lesser-resourced languages and those for which advanced experience in e-lexicography exists. It will establish common standards and solutions for the development of lexicographic resources and develop strategies, tools and standards for extracting, structuring and linking lexicographic resources. The ELEXIS infrastructure will enable access to standards, methods, lexicographic data and tools for scientific communities, industries and other stakeholders and will promote an open access culture in lexicography, in line with the European Commission Recommendation on access to and preservation of scientific information.

The ACDH-CH is leading the work package ‘Dissemination and Community building’ and is particularly involved in the work packages on ‘Interoperability and Linked (Open) Data’ as well as on ‘NLP for lexicography’. In addition, the ACDH-CH contributes to the work packages on ‘Lexicographic data and workflows’, ‘Lexicographic Data for NLP’, ‘Training and Education’ as well as ‘Integration, evaluation and sustainability’.


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Project duration

01 February 2018 – 31 January 2022



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