Vienna, 28 November 2017

Cultural Heritage: Some Observations on Collecting and Curating in the Digital Age.

CC-BY 4.0, Tanja Wissik / © Natalie Harrower

Natalie Harrower
Digital Repository of Ireland/Royal Irish Academy

Cultural Heritage: Some Observations on Collecting and Curating in the Digital Age

Archives and museums have a long history of collecting, curating and conserving objects that reflect a given culture’s history and heritage, but increasingly, our intellectual and creative outputs are born-digital. How do we ensure that these outputs — these digital objects —  are properly stewarded for future generations to access, interrogate, and enjoy? Spanning the topics of digital preservation, public humanities, archival enrichment, and the democratization of cultural heritage, this talk will explore why we should care, as a society, about digital preservation, and what opportunities the digital offers for the humanities and social sciences.

Natalie Harrower is the Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI), a national infrastructure for the preservation of Ireland’s social and cultural data. She sits on Ireland’s National Archives Advisory Committee, and chairs the ALLEA (All European Academies) E-Humanities Working Group. She is the Principal Investigator on Inspiring Ireland, Ireland’s collaborative Digital Cultural Heritage Platform. Dr. Harrower is the founding chair of the DPASSH conference: Digital Preservation for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and a contributor to several European initiatives in data sharing and reuse. Prior to her appointment at the DRI, Dr. Harrower was a theatre and film scholar, specialising in Irish identity, politics, and historiography, as seen through the critical lens of contemporary Irish theatre and film.

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28 November 2017 – 17:15


Austrian Academy of Sciences
Sonnenfelsgasse 19
Theatersaal, 1st floor
1010 Vienna