The working group Services tackles the technical side of research processes by developing and operating software applications. This includes the development of bespoke software components as well as customisation and operation of existing software solutions for project-specific or task-specific purposes. The broad portfolio of applications supports the manifold tasks in the research data life-cycle including authoring, processing, analysis and publication, presentation and exploration.

To ensure effective provisioning of services we maintain a robust server infrastructure in cooperation with the computing centre of the Academy (ARZ).

During the build-up phase of recent years, the team developed a number of services, building on well-proven default software stacks with solid shared internal expertise that constitute the main building blocks of our technical infrastructure and are used in numerous projects. These are especially:

  • ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the HumanitiEs) is a service that offers stable and persistent hosting as well as the dissemination of digital research data and resources for the Austrian humanities community.
  • ACDH Vocabs Service allows for collaborative maintenance and publication of vocabularies and taxonomies of any kind. 
  • APIS (the Austrian Prosopographical Information System) is a python/django-based web application to collect, curate, enrich, analyze, visualize, and export prosopographical and biographical data and information on a (customizable) set of related entities like places, institutions or events.
  • OpenAtlas is a database application to manage complex historical, archeological and geospatial data.