The working group Data is concerned with the full lifecycle of data produced in digital humanities research projects, from modelling and digitisation, through curation and processing to archiving:

We support research projects already in the proposal stage, offering consulting with respect to the handling of data, definining the necessary workflows, and employment of well-established standards and formats, all compiled into a suitable data management plan.

In the initial phase of the projects, we contribute to the formulation of the required data model and knowledge management.

In close cooperation with BAS:IS we provide infrastructure and expertise for digitizing analog material (books, flat media, slides, on a limited scale also objects) and curating its metadata using Goobi Workflow.

In a tight exchange with the working group Services, we devise and accompany the development and use of software solutions to allow curation, transformation, analysis and visualisation of the research data.

Towards the end of the projects, we support researchers in long-term archiving of the resulting digital artifacts in the institute’s repository ARCHE.