CMC director Matthias Karmasin on the media´s role in reaching the SDG

Round-up of the ÖAW conference „Global Sustainable Development Goals in a Mediatized World”, April 4&5, 2019

The ÖAW Symposium held in Vienna in April, 2019 brought together research from a wide array of fields to discuss the SDGs, how to reach them, and, more specifically, the role of science and media in communicating their importance.

CMC Director Matthias Karmasin was part of the program comittee and in this role tallked to various outlets about "communicating unconvenient truths".

ÖAW Youtube Video interview (German)

Full written interview & infos on conference (ÖAW)


Summary of the conference (ÖAW)

ÖAW Makro Mikro Podcast about the event

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