What Do We Really Know About Herta Herzog? Exploring the Life and Work of a Pioneer of Communication Research

Edited by Elisabeth Klaus and Josef Seethaler. Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 2016.

Peter Lang



Personal Memories from the Family
Peter Ostendorf

Herta Herzog—A Pioneer of Communication and Marketing Research
Josef Seethaler and Elisabeth Klaus

Lifelines—Herzog’s Life and Work
Elisabeth Klaus

Herta Herzog and the Viennese School of Radio Research
Cornelia Epping-Jäger

Herta Herzog and the Founding Mothers of Mass Communication Research
Peter Simonson

Two Step Analysis: From a Lonely Kitchen to a Lively Living Room
Tamar Liebes and Oranit Klein-Shagrir

From Listeners to Viewers: Herzog as the Founder of Qualitative Entertainment and Audience Research
Elisabeth Klaus

The Process of Discovery in Herta Herzog’s Research on Radio Daytime Serials. With an Appendix on the Invention of the Focus Group
Gerhard Kleining

“… And this I Called Image.” An Interview with Dr. Herta Herzog
Adam Curtis for BBC Online

Insights for the Mad Men—Why Herta Herzog is still an Inspiration for Advertising and Market Research
Dirk Engel

A Female Researcher but not a Feminist
Martina Thiele

Lessons from Herta Herzog’s Work for the History of Communication Research
Friedrich Krotz

Herta Herzog’s Publications: A Chronological Bibliography
Compiled by Elisabeth Klaus