Conspectus omnium editionum (2018)


At the 13th International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Oxford in 1966 the Association Internationale des Études Byzantines (AIEB) approved the creation of a series of editions of Byzantine historical sources under the name Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae (CFHB). The purpose of the new series was to provide modern editions, in keeping with current standards of textual criticism, of previously unedited or inadequately edited texts. In addition to works of historiography, other narrative texts with historical value were to be included in the series. Diplomatics, post-Byzantine works and non-Greek texts were in general to be excluded.

Guidelines for the editions were worked out and published in the Bulletin d'Information et de Coordination 4 (1968) of the AIEB. These guidelines are still valid. The main points are as follows:

  • The texts are to be thoroughly new critical editions,
  • with an introduction focused mainly on the textual history
  • and, if possible, a translation in a modern language (German, English, French or Italian) .
  • At the end of each volume there should be three indices, of names, terms and vocabulary.
  • Brief notes are encouraged, but not detailed commentary.

The volumes are published in several sub-series with common numeration. The first two were the Series Berolinensis (Walter de Gruyter) and the Series Washingtonensis (Dumbarton Oaks). Later there followed the Series Bruxellensis, the Series Italica, the Series Vindobonensis, the Series Parisiensis and two Greek series, the Atheniensis and the Thessalonicensis. For each of the sub-series an editor in chief has to be responsible. These are currently Athanasios Kambylis (Series Berolinensis), Christian Gastgeber, Wolfram Hörandner and Otto Kresten (Series Vindobonensis), and John Duffy (Series Washingtonensis).

For the purpose of planning, coordination and evaluation of the CFHB a Commission was set up by the AIEB of which Herbert Hunger was chairman from the beginning until his death in 2000. From 2001 to 2011 Wolfram Hörandner served as chairman. The current members of the Commission are: 

Inclusion in the series of a projected edition is approved by the chairman of the Commission in consultation with the members. The chairman is also responsible, together with the members and the editors of the sub-series, for the monitoring of quality and progress of the various editions. In the case of insufficient information over a long period, an edition can be deleted from the list by decision of the Commission.