Tote Tiroler is an experimental django based web application designed to publish data about Tyroleans who were killed during the Tyrolean uprising in 1809.

How many Tyroleans were killed in combat during the Tyrolan Uprise of 1809? This is the main question that django based web application tries to answer.

The data driving this web application was first published by Hans Kramer (Die Gefallenen Tirols 1796-1813, Innsbruck 1949) and republished in a more normalized way (e. g. harmonizing place names) by Peter Andorfer (Totetiroler, Innsbruck 2009). Through this web application, the data is now available online and can be browsed, searched, and filtered. It is planned to open this platform so that interested users can participate like linking places to geonames or adding new entries for deceived tyroleans.

Through this web application, the data is now available online.