OpenAtlas is a database application that enables you to manage complex historical, archeological and geospatial data. As Open Source software that is available on GitHub, it uses open source technology like Apache, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Python 3, Flask and Leaflet.


OpenAtlas offers various options, such as:

  • tracing relations between actors, events, sources, places etc.
  • recording spatial data like information on places where historical events took place
  • editing written sources and recording the interconnections of the mentioned entities
  • creating your own categories and customizing the classification of your data


The data model is based on classes and properties of the CIDOC CRM, which is an internationally established standard for historical documentation.

The development of the application was and is funded through several projects, institutions, and departments, as well as third party funding: On the side of the ÖAW, it has been carried out by the projects Mapping Medieval Conflicts (MEDCON) and Digitising Patterns of Power (DPP) at the Insitute for Medieval Research (IMAFO), on the part of the University, the project Grenze Kontaktzone Niemandsland has been involved. The project has received further funding from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Since 2017, the ACDH has been actively involved in the further development of the app and offers cooperations for OpenAtlas based projects (such as THANADOS and CONNEC).