JCDJ – James Cook Dynamic Journal

James Cook Dynamic Journal (JCDJ) was created as an experiment in the (re)use of freely available Open Data (via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and SPARQL endpoint). It is a simple application that allows the user to explore one of James Cook's journals (available from the Open Library/Internet Archive) in a new way. Users can search inside the journal and use a diverse array of additional data collections including Wikipedia, DBpedia, Dandelion, and Google Maps as a reading aid.

The JCDJ offers a contextualization of James Cook journal by combining full-text search and metadata search. It is a small endeavour that showcases distributed data-driven research. It demonstrates how, different types of publicly available data can be re-used and integrated to assist users' self guided research and exploration of the journal. In addition, as an outcome of this research project, "Easy Data" is proposed to improve the current practice of API implementation, as it turns out it is still not easy for researchers with little technical and coding experience to use APIs.

The research outcome was presented at MTSR 2017 (Metadata and Semantics Research Conference) in Estonia, and the extended version of the paper is published in IJMSO (International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies).