Generic-de-web-app is an eXist-db based framework for bootstrapping the development of web applications dedicated to publishing XML/TEI encoded documents (digital editions).

The main ideas driving the development of this framework are:

  • Maintainability through simplicity: We try to keep the codebase as simple and small as possible by using standard technologies and building on top already existing solutions.
  • Self-dependency: Each project is packable into a self contained package (.xar) to allow easy migration from one eXist-db instance to another (if necessary).
  • Extensibility: Since digital edition web apps are often quite heterogeneous (as far as their underlying data, their intended functionality, user group, .. are concerned), a framework like generic-de-web-app aims to be extensible to fit custom needs.
  • Recognizability: Recognising common, shared or recurring requirements of digital edition web applications and finding ideally identical solutions for them constitutes the basis for the framework, allowing users who are familiar with projects based on generic-de-web-app to know their way around the next project.

A detailed documentation of generic-ed-web-app can be found here.



At the moment, following current projects are based upon generic-de-web-app:

RITA – Reading in the alps