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I was born, studied and received my Ph.D. (Musicology, 2005) at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I was teaching (associate professor, 1993–2015) at the same department, at the universities in Graz (2010/11), Ljubljana (2012) and at the IMI, MDW (2013–2019). Has been a chief/member of numerous international projects from New York to Almaty. Currently working on the FWF project at the ÖAW, Dpt. of Musicology and finishing my habilitation. Have been chair of the IMS Study Group “Music and Cultural Studies”; (co)editor of the open-access journal TheMA (Vienna), a member of the editorial team of the journals Glasbeno-pedagoški zbornik (Ljubljana) and Zbornik radova Akademije umetnosti (Novi Sad); a member of MGG Advisory board for Southeast Europe, as well as of the Academic Studies Press, Studies in History and Sociology of Music, Brighton, Massachusetts; a researcher at the Don Juan Archiv Wien. Have been published on the 18th–21th-century music, mainly on Southeast European opera and music historiography. I published 5 books, edited numerous books and journal issues, and my papers have been presented and published internationally in Europe, USA, Asia.

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