Tanja Wissik

(+43 1) 51581 – 2206


… graduated from the University of Graz in translation and interpretation studies. She holds a PhD from the University of Vienna in translation studies with a specialization in the field of terminology and corpus linguistics. She has been working in numerous national and international research projects first as a junior researcher at the Institute for Specialized Communication and Multilingualism of the European Academy Bolzano, and then as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Vienna. She joined the ACDH-CH (then ACDH) in 2015, where she works as a senior scientist at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. There she is leading serveral projects:  DYLENELEXIS, DYSEN, Reaching OutDH Course Registry Instruction VideosTraining Digital Scholars: Knowledge Exchange between V4 and AustriaDH Course Registry Sustain. And she initiated the creation oft the ParlAT corpus. Furthermore she is involved in the following projects and initiatives: CLARIN-ERIC, DARIAH-EU, dariahTeach, IGNITE , ACDH Virtual HackathonCLARIAH-AT & DHA and she is active in the Austrian Standards Committee 033 "Terminology and other language resources".
She also teaches information technologies and terminology management for translators at the University of Graz and DH methods at the University of Vienna.
Since 2019 she is one of the editors of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.

Academic Awards / Grants

Her research interests include digital language resources and technologies, especially terminological resources and corpora and the encoding of parliamentary data. Further research interrests are terminological research, variational linguistics,workflow research, translation studies, and the teaching of DH technologies and methods.


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