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Silvia Waltl

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... has been a team member in several institutions at the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2002. She worked for the AAC and the ICLTT, where she has helped develop and maintain the Austrian Academy Corpora (AAC) and was responsible for organizing workflows within the digitization process. She worked on the Digital Edition of the AAC Die Fackel and also on the AAC Die Schaubühne, the first series of the Weltbühne magazine, in order to prepare it for an upcoming digital edition.

In the AC and, later, the Austrian Corpora and Editions (ACE), her work has been focusing on the digitization and exploration of the literary legacy of Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), including the author’s published and unpublished material. She is part of the team that is currently realising the historical-critical digital edition of Bernhard’s 1982 novel Wittgensteins Neffe (Wittgenstein’s Nephew) which is part of a public-private partnership between the ÖAW, the Suhrkamp publishing house and the Thomas Bernhard Estate, represented by the late author’s half-brother, Dr. Peter Fabjan.

Silvia Waltl was born in Graz and studied Communication Sciences and English at Vienna University. She completed a course to become a creative writing trainer. She has a diploma in Art Therapy, a certification in Arts and Cultural Mediation and is currently in a Theatre Education training. Silvia has been teaching literature and creative writing for many years for students and adults in various formats and institutions. She is a member in the Albertina’s arts mediation team and a trainer for Poetry and Therapy at the Teacher Training College in Linz where she teaches different modules and also supervises theses and master theses.

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