Dr. Mag.

Renato Souza

(+43 1) 51581 - 7283


… after graduating and completing his masters on Engineering, developed his doctorate and post doctorate in Information Science and Computer Science, dealing with the topics of Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Organization Systems, as thesaurus and ontologies. Has been working in the past ten years with Scientific Programming, Data Science and Machine Learning/Deep Learning, as a professor and researcher in the Applied Mathematics School at FGV and in the Federal University of Minas Gerais. Has been developing projects in the domains of Political Science, Law, Economics, Public Health and Education; integrating information resources in analytical pipelines.

In the ACDH, he will be contributing to the explore.AT! project, exploring the possibilities of Natural Language Processing, Automatic Classification, Text Mining and Machine Learning deliverables. Also will collaborate to the Exploration Space.

Publications (Before ACDH)

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