Nina Claudia Rastinger



… is a student assistant at the Austrian Centre of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage. She is a part of the go!digital project Das Wien[n]erische Diarium: A digital data treasury for the humanities (principal investigator: Claudia Resch) with which she first got in contact with as a research intern as well as of the FWF project Relational Adjectives in the History of German (RAHiG, principal investigator: Martina Werner). During her internship at the ACDH-CH (then ACDH), she also participated in the Elise-Richter-project The Diachrony of the Nominalized Infinitive in German (principal investigator: Martina Werner).

Nina Rastinger has received degrees in both German Philology and Psychology and is currently following the Master’s program in German Literature and Linguistics at the University of Vienna.