Massimiliano Carloni, PHD



… completed his PhD in Classical Philology at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa in 2019 with a thesis on ancient Greek literature, entitled ‘Isocrates’ Philippus. Introduction, translation, and commentary’. His primary research interests lie in developing TEI-based digital editions and exploring the use of metadata standards to describe and render accessible vast collections of diverse materials.

During his PhD, he developed a project for a digital edition of the ancient and medieval commentaries on Aratus’ poem Phaenomena by applying OCR techniques to ancient Greek. As a postdoctoral trainee at the Library of the Scuola Normale, he curated the special collection donated by the late historian and classicist Giovanni Pugliese Carratelli, as well as the library’s general catalogue and digital collections.

He has always sought ways to explore how Digital Humanities can unlock a new horizon of possibilities to researchers, contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, and disseminate knowledge of texts, artifacts, and other items to the academic community and a wider audience.

At the ACDH-CH, he is a Repository Manager of ARCHE – A Resource Centre for Humanities Related Research in Austria.