Martina Werner


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… is the principal investigator of the Elise-Richter-project The Diachrony of the Nominalized Infinitive in German (2014-2018) which is third-party-funded by FWF (V-347). Against the background of language typology and corpus-linguistics, the project investigates how the infinitives (such as G. ‘das Lachen’, ‘das Herumtoben’) historically developed in order to become the most productive nominalization pattern in present-day German.

After her study (German linguistics, literature, and psychology), Martina Werner obtained her PhD in 2009 at the international PhD-programm LIPP at LMU Munich. Her PhD-thesis on the correlation between grammatical gender and nominalizations in the history of German (Genus, Derivation und Quantifikation. Zur Funktion der Suffigierung und verwandter Phänomene im Deutschen) was published in 2012 at de Gruyter (Studia Linguistica Germanica, 114). Before coming to the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Martina Werner was a postdoc at the University of Munich, Vienna, and Stuttgart. In addition to her ACDH-project, she has been working as a lecturer at the Department of German Philology at the University of Vienna, LMU Munich, and Salzburg University. Martina is a board member of the Austrian Society of German Studies (ÖGG), of the Linguistic Society of Vienna (WSG), and a member of the scientific advisory board of Journal of Word-Formation (ZWJW, Peter Lang).

Her research foci are historical linguistics, morphology, grammar, language philosophy, semiotics, corpus linguistics, and the semantic parallelism between language and music.


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