Marlene Peterlechner


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… studied Musicology at the University of Vienna's Department of Musicology, where she earned several performance scholarships. After practical training at the ORF Media Archive, she was employed as a research assistant in 2018 at the Department of Musicology (formerly Institute for Art History and Musicology) at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. There, she worked on several projects and long-term projects. From February 2018 until November 2019, Marlene has: contributed to The Wien-Film: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Film Studio 1938-1945; worked for one edition of music from the composer Johann Joseph Fux (in the same named long-term-project) from December 2018 until November 2019; and has been working as staff scientist since July 2019 at the Viennese research group of the New Schubert Edition, where she is responsible for the online-platforms Schubert-Digital (forthcoming) and Schubert-Online.

Marlene combines a wide variety of interests in the field of musicology by source researching and music editing, from baroque music composer Johann Joseph Fux and the music of Franz Schubert's romantic period, to Austrian film music made during wartime. 

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  • Peterlechner, Marlene Stephanie. 2019. Marika Rökk im Film „Frauen sind doch bessere Diplomaten“ (1939/1941). Musikalische Individualität vor dem Hintergrund der NS-Filmpolitik. Wien: Universität Wien. doi:10.25365/thesis.59054.