PD Mag. Dr.

Marie-Luise Pitzl


… joined the ACDH-CH in September 2020. She is an applied linguist who holds a PhD (2011) from the University of Vienna and has held previous positions at the University of Vienna, TU Dortmund and University of Salzburg. She has done extensive research on communication in English as a lingua franca (ELF) contexts, understanding, miscommunication, language use in business meetings and linguistic creativity, especially idioms and metaphors.

She is principal investigator of the ELF in TIGs project (2019-22), which has the aim of establishing a conceptual and methodological framework for the study of communication in transient lingua franca contexts. She is currently developing a micro-diachronic approach for the analysis of (spoken) interaction to provide more detailed descriptions of how language changes in real-time interactions. She has recently submitted her Habilitation (spring 2020).

Her research draws on corpus linguistics, which it combines with conversation analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis. She has a strong background in spoken corpus building and is principal investigator of the VOICE CLARIAH project (2020-21).



Publications before ACDH-CH