Luka Ručigaj



Office location
University of Vienna


... is preparing his doctoral thesis on the activities of art patron Wolf Engelbert, Count of Auersperg (1610–1673) at the University of Vienna. In 2017 he obtained his MA at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) with a thesis on the Fall of Phaeton, for which he won the Prešeren Prize, awarded to students at the Ljubljana Faculty of the Arts. Previously, he had completed his BA in history and art history at the University of Ljubljana.

Luka Ručigaj has worked at the ACDH since 2018. He is currently involved with the project Sammler Sammlungen Sammlungskulturen in Wien und Mitteleuropa.

Publications (Before ACDH)

Ručigaj, Luka. 22. 3. 2018. "Račun štukaterja Damiana Piazola. Grotta v Auerspergovem knežjem vrtu na Dunaju." Bilten SUZD. 37/1.