Levente Zoltán Király



Lev is a member of the ACDH-CH’s technical group. Lev has a BsC in computer science, acquired at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, as well as an MA in divinities (theology and pastoral training) at the Károli Gáspár University of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Budapest. He has a pending PhD at the latter. In recent years he has worked as a full-stack web developer. His tech stack is based on PHP (Laravel) and .Net on the backend, JavaScript (primarily VueJs) on the frontend, SQL (MySQL and MS SQL) on the database side.

His most important projects so far were:

  • a Unified Bible Reader (database design, data alignment, full-stack development) as a member of a project team at the Károli University (ebo.kre.hu), which makes it possible to read multiple Bible texts (originals and translations) parallelly, while also to follow Bible reading plans of different denominations parallelly,
  • a tool for the research of the Rohonc Codex (data recording, database design, full-stack development) as part of an unfinanced private project (rechnitzer-kodex.hu) – this project has yielded an introductory article so far in the journal Cryptologia.

Projects he is currently involved in at ACDH-CH:

Lev is working on the improvement of the VICAV infrastructure to make it suitable for the projects SHAWI and WIBARAB.

Lev is also involved in the ACE’s works on the Fackel corpus of the AAC.